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Part-time Security Personnel

The security staff is responsible for overseeing all resident activity during shift, Security staff will conduct surveillance of building and grounds periodically to ensure premise is secure. Responsible for master key rings at all times during shift. Ensures rooms are locked and secured as required. Utilizes various keys to close down common areas and lock outside doors at curfew. Staff must maintain confidentiality at all times. Staff are prohibited from sharing resident information with other residents and the general public. It is prohibited for security staff to exchange personal contact information with shelter residents. Documentation of resident activities must include the time of incident, person or persons involved, location, and brief explanation of event. In cases of resident infractions, staff should document whether or not a rule violation is warranted. Documenting needs to be done without staff opinion and should only include factual details of event. Must be able to exercise clear, confident, and swift decision-making skills. All staff and residents will be met with dignity and respect and without discrimination. Staff are to maintain a clean and orderly workspace making sure office, kitchen, bathroom is ready for the following shift. Ability and willingness to coordinate various activities such as game night, movie night, and celebrations preferred. Strong communication skills desired. Experience with phone and intercom/paging system helpful. This position has other duties as assigned. Shelter Security staff shifts are part-time weekdays from 4pm-12am and every other weekend from 10am-10pm on Saturdays and 10am-8pm on Sundays. Shifts are somewhat flexible and a great option for those seeking a second job or those attending school. Apply now to learn more about this position and our team!




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